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INTRO An Astrologer's Code of Conduct
Preface Intro to Krushna's Ashtakavarga System
1 What is the Ashtakavarga System?
2 Benefic and Malefic planets
3 Planetary Aspects
4 Meanings of the Houses
5 Upachaya Houses
6 Krushna's Ayanamsha Table
7 Krushna's Planetary Strength Worksheet
8 Samdharmi Planets and their Inter-Relationships
9 Vimshottari Dasa and Manual Calculations
10 Marriage
11 Transits
12 How to Look for Signs of a Divorce in a Chart
13 The effects of Venus and Points in all Twelve Signs
14 Love Marriages
15 Procedure for Finding Any Event for a Given Date
16 Procedure for Placing any event in Length of Bhukti
17 Two Blind Chart Analyses for Death ( Death of Husband)
18 Blind Chart Analysis ABA-7: Death of a Family Member
19 Blind Chart Analysis ABA-9: Birth Defect
20 Children and the 5th house
21 Vyavasaya Jataka (Occupation)
22 Worksheets Review on Basics
23 More Rules on a Love Marriage
24 Rules for a Non-Marital Status
25 Summary Rules for Significators and their Samdharmi
26 Using the Multiplication Table to Assess Strength Factor of Planets
27 How to Find the Timing Event
28 Houses for Various Educational Degrees
29 Results of Planets with more points in Different Houses
30 Some Laws for Delayed Marriages in Females
31 Discussions on Delay Causing Planets
32 How to Find the Ideal Conception Time for Childbirth
33 Steps for Finding the Right Day for an Event - Marriage of Male Spouse
34 Steps for Finding the Right Day for an Event-Marriage of Female Spouse
35 Steps for Finding the Right Day for an Event - Job Related Topics
36 Jupiter Delay Scenarios - Under What Conditions will Jupiter Cause a Delay?